Pure Pleasure: Your Questions Answered

As a Christian, I struggle to rest or take time off for enjoyment. How do I deal with the constant feeling of having to act responsible?

There are people starving in other countries, so who am I to enjoy luxury, vacations, and pleasure while others suffer?

Is there a difference between serving God and honoring God?

How do I balance personal pleasure with the call God gives to sacrifice and serve others?

In the Bible, Jesus promised an abundant life. Yet, my Christian faith seems to keep me from enjoying life?

Is there a way to attract other people to Christ without coming across as preachy?

In certain areas of my life, temptation always seems to win out. How can I stop this pattern?

How do I see God as a provider of good things when I feel like He’s always asking me to stop doing bad things?

My family says that I’m too uptight, how do I learn to loosen up?

How do I let Jesus be enough when the world seems to offer more desirable options?

Sometimes my love for my spouse and children seem to compete with my love for Jesus. How do I reconcile these feelings?

Is God anti-pleasure?

Aren’t Christians supposed to set an example of sacrifice, rather than seeking pleasure?

Is it a sin to take time off from Bible study to relax, play, or go on vacation?