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  A friend of mine started saving for his wife’s wedding ring from the time he was in his mid-teens. He didn’t save much, of course. Sometimes he’d put just five or ten dollars in a jar. That isn’t enough to clean most wedding rings, much less purchase a high-quality diamond, but the amount wasn’t […]

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March 31, 2014

The Ultimate Prenup

Gary Thomas — 

One of my best friends (and co-author with me on the Sacred Search Couple’s Conversation Guide), Dr. Steve Wilke, once shocked a church when they asked him about pre-nuptial agreements before marriage. They all expected him, as a Christian writer and speaker and counselor, to come out strongly against them. He began by saying, “I’m […]

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One of the greatest challenges we face in fighting sin is to accurately call sin, sin. We like to dress it up, pretend it’s something different or at least “neutral.” Or we excuse it, as something wrongly done with perhaps good motives. In his marvelous book Renovation of the Heart (A book I wish every […]

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