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August 27, 2014

When a Marriage Meets Malice

Gary Thomas — 

Is the current state of your marriage (or divorce) marked by increasing love or escalating malice? Marital malice in all its forms is about the most destructive malice that there is. The Bible uses some startling, even vulgar language to warn us about this serious trait. There are some truly horrendous images in the Bible—grotesque, […]

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Are you as good of a spouse as you think you are? How do you know? A student in one of my classes at Western Seminary (Portland, OR), was challenged when we talked through this in class. He later shared his story (in written form allowing me to share it with others): Sacred Marriage served […]

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One of the greatest challenges we face in fighting sin is to accurately call sin, sin. We like to dress it up, pretend it’s something different or at least “neutral.” Or we excuse it, as something wrongly done with perhaps good motives. In his marvelous book Renovation of the Heart (A book I wish every […]

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