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April 24, 2014

Creating Time

Gary Thomas — 

More and more young couples—even Christian couples—are questioning what my generation took for granted—after you get married, eventually you have kids. In this post, I want to provide a bit of perspective for those who are wondering if it’s “worth it.” (This post is not for those who want kids and aren’t physically able to […]

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Eighty years ago, two women spent a year listening to God and wrote down their thoughts in a daily devotional published as God Calling, similar in style to the mega-successful Jesus Calling by Sarah Young in our day. Nobody except for the collaborator (A.J. Russell) knows their names. For their own reasons, they wanted to […]

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Many years ago, our then four-year-old daughter belted out of our house on an Easter Sunday, her hair all done up like a little girl’s hair often is, her dress flying behind her, her white tights bunched up around her knees, trying unsuccessfully not to laugh because she knew I was so frustrated. She and […]

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