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November 4, 2016


Gary Thomas — 

“My dove, my perfect one, is the only one.” Song of Songs 6:9 Marriage becomes particularly special when this verse describes how we view our spouse. Just this morning as I was in my study, I heard my wife gradually waking up. My heart went out to her. I hadn’t seen her yet, but just […]

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Over 114 million people watched this year’s Super Bowl. Less than a hundred people actually played in it. That’s an infinitesimal percent which closely mirrors, I would guess, the percentage of average marriages to truly intimate marriages. It’s one thing to watch, it’s another thing entirely to play. Far too many couples merely “watch” their […]

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Some of you have warm, fun, and loving extended families. I’m so grateful for the extended family God gave to Lisa and me on both sides. But many of you are about to spend a special holiday with a family that makes you prepare like you’re going into combat. Whether you love your extended family […]

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