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July 9, 2014

Make People Rich

Gary Thomas — 

As I walked out of the office building in a spirit of prayer, I felt God say: “Make people rich.” “That can’t possibly be God,” I instinctually responded. But what if it was? God and “Riches” I had just met with two of my editors at David C. Cook Publishers. We were talking about my […]

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Are you as good of a spouse as you think you are? How do you know? A student in one of my classes at Western Seminary (Portland, OR), was challenged when we talked through this in class. He later shared his story (in written form allowing me to share it with others): Sacred Marriage served […]

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         There are two questions we can ask within marriage that will take us to two entirely different dimensions. We have to choose in which dimension we want to live. The two questions are these:             “How can I bless you?”             Or:             “How can I get my own way?”             If we live in […]

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