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The second most important decision you will ever make is who you choose to marry. This 8-session DVD, based on Gary Thomas’ book, The Sacred Search, is designed to help you make a spectacular, God-honoring choice. Explore with Gary why it’s so important to know the why of marriage before you can even begin to know the who of marriage; gain practical advice for building a relationship with eternal purposes. Together you’ll look at:

  • Why you should never marry for mercy
  • Whether you should wait for God to bring you a spouse, or whether He calls you to actively pursue a wise marriage
  • The wonder of sex within marriage, and why it is so destructive prior to marriage
  • Why you don’t want what you think you want in your choice of a mate
  • Why the myth of “the one” is so destructive, and what the biblical alternative is
  • What practical skills and relational strengths should someone possess before you agree to marry them?

It is not necessary that The Sacred Search book be read when using the Sacred Search Study Resource DVD. However, it would be helpful for the leader to have read this additional information and to make the chapter suggestions available to those who would like to do further study.

Session 1: Making a Wise Marital Choice: The Gift That Keeps On Giving (32:03 minutes)
Chapters 1 (A Tale of Two Tears), 2 (The Great Exception), and 3 (Vulnerable and Stupid)

Session 2: The Myth of the One (21:07 minutes)
Chapters 5 (Soul Mate or Soul Mate?) and 6 (A Match Made in Heaven Isaac and Rebekah

Session 3: Driving a Punto: Passive Surrender or Passionate Pursuit (23:29 minutes)
Chapters 7 (The Religious Romance Lottery) and 8 (Passive Surrender of Passionate Pursuit Compelling Reasons to Get Married

Session 4: What Do You Mean by “Married”? (24:53 minutes)
Chapter 9 (What’s Your Style?)

Session 5 and 6: Why You Don’t Want What You Think You Want and Why You Need to Think about What You Don’t Know (30:02 and 26:52 minutes)
Chapters 4 (You Don’t Want What You Think You Want), 10 (Are You Strong Enough to be My Woman?), 11 (Making a Marriage) and 16 (Problem People)

Session 7: Sex and the Neurochemical War(22:03 minutes)
Chapter 15 (A Neurochemical War Against Your Reasoning)

Session 8: Mercy Marriages (19:22 minutes)
Chapter 19: (Mercy Marriages)
Chapters 12, 13, 17 and 18 are not discussed in the videos, and can therefore be recommended at any time during the study. (Questions follow each chapter in the book if you wish to discuss these as well.)