September 9, 2013

Join Me on the Journey

Gary Thomas — 

The vision: a new online community, dedicated to living out Matthew 6:33 (Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness) in our marriages.

  • Helping singles make wise marital choices.
  • Helping engaged couples prepare to enter a life of rich intimacy.
  • Encouraging newlyweds as they encounter the early challenges of marriage.
  • Inspiring “not so newlyweds” to keep going deeper in their marriages, as an act of worship, to truly explore the depths of love from God and with each other revealed in this amazing relationship we call marriage—from the time we first pledge our vows, to the time God separates us through death; never letting up, but being fully married, pursuing each other, every step of the way.
  • To explore marital love and companionship, sustained by God, in which God is made known, in a way that, perhaps, few communities have ever tried to explore.

This blog will reach out to singles, engaged couples, newlyweds, and long-time weds. We may, on occasion, dip our toes into parenting, but the focus will be on the marital relationship: making a wise choice, living with our choice, honoring God with our choice.

Is it possible God wants to create a web community dedicated to the pursuit of the connection between our spiritual life and our marriage? I think of this as sort of a religious community where we live all over the world, connected not by a common roof but a common call. We want to explore the connection between our marriages and our worship. We want to see how God can use our marriages to build His Kingdom while He’s also building us. Can we inspire each other, counsel each other, pray for each other, and console each other, as we honestly share the difficulties and joys, the frustrations and ecstasies, of married life?

I hope you’ll join us. I hope you’ll enlist some friends. We won’t have a monastery or convent to retreat to as we pray for each other and counsel each other, but we can connect via this portal.

By the way, fair warning: I’m writing a new book on marriage, so I’ll be trying out some of the thoughts here, hoping to refine the message and getting a gauge on its impact. And I might well follow up with some of you after reading your comments to see if your story might fit into that book. So please, let’s make this a dialogue. I want to hear from you. I want you to hear from others. Let’s explore this together. We will get some things wrong. I’m sure I’ll throw out a few posts that I’ll later wish I hadn’t written—but this is a process, the building of a community committed to explore together what it means to keep and to live in a truly sacred marriage.

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One response to Join Me on the Journey

  1. This site was just forwarded to me yesterday and I have already devoured every post. I’ve participated in your sacred marriage study with our small group and love the idea of a community sharing and supporting one another.
    I’ve noticed no comments or discussions have been generated. Could it that we prefer to be anonymous?
    Perhaps you would be so kind to address whether our names and emails will appear in the post or is the purpose for you to engage with us individually.