December 2, 2017

Give a Gift to Your Marriage this Christmas

Gary Thomas — 

One of the best gifts you can give your spouse this Christmas isn’t just a book; it’s a renewal of a promise.

Imagine your spouse opening up a Christmas present this year and seeing the book Cherish. But you’re watching, so you quickly explain, “The book isn’t my gift. The real gift is a renewal of a promise I made to you when we got married, the promise to love and cherish you until death do us part. I want to spend the next several months reading this book with you and learning what it means to make you feel cherished.”

We’ve been so encouraged by the many letters and emails from grateful readers who felt they just had to share the good news of what happened to their marriage after they read Cherish. Here’s just one example:


Dear Gary and Lisa,

Being a pastors wife for almost 41 years (I am 61-he is 67)…when he comments that my expectations are too high and my response is-“they are written in the Bible”…that is not received well. 

So-I have tired of marriage counseling-retreats-videos and books…because something has been missing…and trying to communicate was not bringing us closer. But-he (who reads a lot and is well educated) started your book Cherish and decided we should read it together because maybe this is what SHE is saying!!??!!?

After four long trips in the car-along with much discussion-we came to the end…and…we think we will read it again on the next four trips!!

“…being given a new life and learning to live with new motivation, furthering the work of Christ…

…applied cherishing!!”

Thanks Sincerely,

F & T


Take the opportunity this Christmas season to renew your vows and strengthen your marriage. Give the gift of Cherish.

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One response to Give a Gift to Your Marriage this Christmas

  1. I’m rejoicing for the patient pastor’s wife whose story is contained in this blog post.

    My husband and I have been married 41 and 1/2 years, and share a story similar to the wife in this post. I have been the one praying, reading, and seeking God in prayer and in His Word for what a truly God-honoring marriage should be.

    I have pleaded with my Christian husband to explore true intimacy with me and make our relationship better…to leave an honest and imitable legacy for our four daughters, sons-in-law and now 18 grandchildren.

    Her story gives me hope that God will move in my husband’s heart. Please, Gary, keep writing and encouraging healthy, godly marriage!