December 26, 2013

Devotionals for the New Year

Gary Thomas — 


If marriage is sacred, then it will never be stronger than your walk with God. Walking with God is as far from a one-time decision as running a marathon is as far from sending in an entry form. Walking with God is built on a thousand daily steps in His direction.

This post is designed to give you some tools in the coming year to build your faith with just a small amount of time. Of course, I’d love to see everyone spending plenty of time in the Word and with Christian books and in Bible studies, but the following are helpful tools to get you started that offer their material in “bite size” pieces.


Daily Devotionals for General Christian Growth

D.A. Carson For the Love of God: A Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God’s Word (volumes one and two)

If you read the assigned Bible readings, this will be the longest devotional you can choose, but the entire daily assignment can still be completed in twenty minutes. And Carson is brilliant in teaching straight out of God’s word. Of all the devotionals I’ll mention, this is the most exegetical and biblically based.

Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest

Word for word, the most succinct yet powerful dosage of Christian truth that you’re going to find. Each daily reading consists of four or five paragraphs, at most, but Chambers makes every word count. A classic that richly deserves its acclaim.

Robert Morgan On This Day

If you love Christian history, you’ll love this daily devotional. Each day recounts something significant—and always inspiring—from the history of the church. Morgan draws from all eras of church history. Since this is history-based, it’s inspirational, but not a substitute for Bible reading.

A.J. Russell God Calling

AJ Russell is actually the editor; two women who spent time listening to God every day for a year actually penned the text (written about 80 years ago). This is more “spiritual inspiration” than exegesis, so it wouldn’t suffice as a substitute for straight Bible study, but can be an excellent addition to daily Bible study.

Charles Spurgeon Morning and Evening

If Spurgeon took the time to write it, we should take the time to read it. He’s so good at demonstrating how rich and insightful God’s Word really is. Two readings for every day, designed (you guessed it!) for morning and evening.

Gary Thomas Simply Sacred

My publisher would sue me if I don’t at least mention my own daily devotional, with daily readings adapted from my first 12 books, addressing a variety of topics.


Family Life

Robert Morgan Prayers and Promises for Worried Parents

This devotional focuses on parenting prodigals, giving parents hope and encouragement. The entries are ultra-short, providing more of a “thought for the day” than drawn out teaching.

Dennis and Barbara Rainey Moments Together for Couples

I’m a big fan of Dennis’ writing and have never been disappointed by a single book he’s written. Now, writing with his wife Barbara, he offers short daily wisdom for couples with kids. If you’re a young couple without kids, you might want to wait on this one, as it’s about family life as much as it’s about marriage.

Gary Thomas Devotions for a Sacred Marriage and Devotions for Sacred Parenting

Each book contains 52 readings of all new material, designed for couples (but can still be read individually) to help focus in on the spiritual journey of marriage and parenting.

Dr. Rebecca Wilke New Beginnings: Devotions to Develop the Greatest Romance

Dr. Wilke and her husband Steve (also a Ph.D.) comprise one of the best kept secrets in the Christian church today. They have built a faithful, God-honoring marriage and have raised two amazing sons. They’re not famous, but they have so much wisdom to share that I pray regularly they’ll become so.



Ben Young  and Dr. Samuel Adams Devotions for Dating Couples

With chapters focused on such disparate topics as prayer, simplicity, community, and purity, Ben and Dr. Adams seek to help you and your dating partner grow closer to God and each other.

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