Sacred Pathways

Discover Your Soul’s Path to God

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s spiritual walk.” Are you envious of the way that some people seem to walk closely with God? Gary Thomas insists that it’s better to discover the path God designed you to take–a path marked by growth and fulfillment, based on your unique temperament. In Sacred Pathways, he strips away the frustration of a one-size-fits-all spirituality and guides you toward a style of relating to God that frees you to be you. If your devotional or worship times have hit a snag, let Gary help you:

  • Embrace the unique way that you interact with God.
  • Relish your personal time reading the Bible.
  • Enjoy deeper community by supporting how others relate to God.
  • Turn obligatory devotions into spiritual moments that you savor.


“Creative and well-written…Thomas cites Henri Nouwen as an example of ‘the sensate’, which is a happy illustration since Thomas himself shows great potential for becoming the Henri Nouwen of evangelicalism.”
– Publishers Weekly

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