Sacred Influence

Gary rewrote Sacred Influence in 2017, and it was re-released under a new title in 2018 as Loving Him Well.  We suggest you purchase that title instead.


How God Uses Wives to Shape the Souls of Their Husbands

If you’re sick of all the ways you’ve tried to bring about change in your marriage, such as nagging, one-way discussions, pleading, or the silent treatment, set aside those broken methods for a Christ-based approach. Using concepts from his bestselling book, Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas outlines practical applications you can start using today. He also shows how marriages were transformed through stories from real-life women. Discover a fresh perspective that will help you:

  • Understand your husband from a guy’s perspective.
  • Enhance the character growth and spiritual maturity of your husband.
  • Manage conflict with your husband, such as temper, busyness, non-Christian beliefs, emotional affairs, etc.
  • Strengthen your ability to find value in a disappointing marriage.


“God has given godly women a wonderful power to influence and encourage their husbands. What’s the secret? This book will provide challenges, examples, and hope to women who want to love their husbands well and be loved well in return.”
– Dennis Rainey, President of Family Life

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