Authentic Faith

What if life isn’t meant to be perfect but we are meant to trust the One who is?

Pursuing God’s call to live a transparent life can sound quite scary. We never know how people are going to respond to the real us. What if reality disappoints? Yet, God loves us too much to allow our charade to continue. Gary Thomas reveals the rich benefits that derive from embracing the harder truths of Scripture. With penetrating insights from the Bible and Christian classics, discover a new way to:

  • Turn disappointments into opportunities to see God at work in your life.
  • Transform resentment towards God into hope, trust, and perseverance.
  • Experience the joy of growing through difficult circumstances.
Winner of the 2003 Gold Medallion Award


“Some books excel at being full of reality. Gary Thomas’s trenchant treatment of the tough and testing aspects of discipleship is one of them.” – J.I. Packer

“Authentic Faith is the best Christian book I’ve read in the last ten years.”- James L. Beavers, Vice president and executive director, C.S. Lewis Institute