December 19, 2013

A Christmas Prophecy, a Family Hope

Gary Thomas — 
photo: brett jordan, Creative Commons

photo: brett jordan, Creative Commons

The Bible is so powerful that one phrase can feed a hungry soul for days. The way God weaves words to nourish our spirits is truly astounding. Though I am an ardent lover of the great Christian classics—the best and brightest of all Christian books handed down through the centuries—there still is no comparison to the quality and power of Scripture.

I thought of this recently when coming across a familiar passage used to celebrate Christmas, an Old Testament prophecy that has relevance for the future Messiah. “There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace.” (Isaiah 9:7)

There is so much hope here for families.

God’s “government” is His rule, His sustaining influence and providential work over our lives and this world. And Isaiah reminds us that this rule will never end. God, unlike a politician, doesn’t have to get re-elected. We’ll never see Him standing behind a podium giving a concession speech. His words are eternal, forever binding. No one can vote Him out of office and undo one of His decrees. We need never fear the veto or rule of another.

It’s not just God’s government that will never end, it’s the increase of His government that will never end. God’s government, His rule, spreads. That’s what it does, by nature, and it can’t be stopped. So, if you’re praying for a lost spouse or lost child, be comforted in knowing that the nature of God’s reign is to increase. It never stops increasing. You can have great hope that there is always room for one more soul to bow down and recognize God as Lord. There is no “quota,” no limit to which God’s authority is confined.

So, keep praying, keep hoping.

The word “peace” means it’s not just the quantity of God’s reign in view, but its quality that is magnificent. Most Kingdoms are established and preserved through war, but not this one. This one is marked by a restful peace, a security that finds its source in heaven, where none can attack, challenge or conquer.

I just find it enormously beneficial, spiritually speaking, to sometimes forget about my marriage

—forget my parenting, and just rest in Who God is, what God has done, and what God will do. And then, when I pick thoughts of my marriage and parenting back up, all is changed. There is a security, a peace, a joy, a hopeful expectation. Heaven is a wonderful place to wander around in now and then before returning back to the world.

Drink deeply of God’s reign this Christmas season. Feast on the security that God is in charge, and not just in charge, but in eternal charge. When you return from this meditation to reconsider your family, you just might live with a lighter spirit.

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One response to A Christmas Prophecy, a Family Hope

  1. How comforting that is. Someone told me that God had given up on America. I just can’t believe it. after reading this clip I am assured that he would not do that to those who Love and need him. Also to those who need to know him and see his their lives. He is there and will always be there. I know that in my heart and will never believe any thing else